GNA Centre of Excellence for Culinary Arts , School of Hospitality, GNA Universityorganizeda workshop on “Tandoori Techniques and preparations” by Chef C.P.Mishra, Executive Chef from Hotel Maya, Jalandhar. During the workshop, the chef apprised the students about the origin and concept and the evolution of Tandoor.Chef Mishra prepared various marinades,garnishes,kebabs and breads during the learning hour.The objective of this workshop was to give knowledge to the students about tandoori delicacies,temperature management during cooking, accompaniment and garnishes of various tandoori preparations.

Chef Mishra had an interactive session with students and they got an opportunity to learn about the current trends in tandoori preparations. The Chef explained how tandoori delicacies have become the most popular across the globe.Lots of experimentation is happening as its fusion with international cuisines. The students learnt the oldest method of baking, in the clay oven. The students were introduced to the art of plating the appetizers and breads prepared during the workshop.

The Chancellor S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra expressed, “Holding up such creative workshops for the students will be really fruitful in the longer run.”

Dr. Deepak, the Dean of School of Hospitality appreciated the efforts of the school in organising such innovative workshops in enhancing the skills of the students.

Among other dignitaries were also present the Vice-Chancellor Dr VK Rattan, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr.Hemant Sharma, the Dean Academic Affairs Dr. Monika Hanspal.