Faculty of Natural Sciences @ GNA University organized a session on Combating Air Pollution for all the students of the University. The main objective behind holding this guest lecture was to make the students aware about the harmful effects of air pollution on lungs. The purpose of the guest lecture was also to out a curb on spreading environmental pollution and bring a change in the environment.

Mr. Rajiv Khurana, Founder-Trustee, Lung care foundation, Dr. Carmin Uppal, State coordinator, Doctors for clean air & climate action program, Lung care Foundation, Dr. Paramjit Singh Bakshi, Director, Hospital board of India, were the guest speakers for the respective session.

In total 254 students attended the guest lecture. The lecture commenced with the welcome speech delivered by Dr. Tanu Mittal, Assistant Professor in Faculty of Natural Sciences. The speakers described a number of incidences of deaths brought on by lung damage from breathing poor air. He emphasized on how polluted big cities like Delhi NCR are. He inspired the crowd to oppose all who contribute to environmental pollution and said youth can bring change. At the end of the Guest lecture, Dr. Khurana’s resonant speech startled the listeners. He discussed the grave concern about air pollution harming the lungs. He raised a number of topics that have an adverse effect on people’s health. He displayed to the audience his many lung health activities.

Dr. Khurana used a Google form to poll respondents on their ideas for improving the environment in Phagwara city. Dr. Khurana encouraged the audience to join the lung care foundation team and to participate in the GNA initiative, “Go out and Neutralize air pollution,” as he concluded his speech.

Around 250 students of the University and 20 teaching faculty members participated in this Guest Lecture and learnt various new things about this burning issue. In the end, a Q/A session were conducted. The questions were well taken and duly addressed by the resource persons and answered to the utmost satisfaction of the students. The session ended on an enthusiastic and a learning note.

S. Gurdeep Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor appreciated the endeavours of the Department for organising such trending sessions for the budding students.

Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor of the University said, “The Department is always ready to offer the best to the students in this fast-pacing world.”