Faculty of Animation and Multimedia organized a 2 days Workshop on Storyboarding and Cartooning on 9th April till 10th April. Conducted by the animator, cartoonist and illustrator Mr. Sanjay Kumar. In a workshop the participants gained multiple nuances of storyboarding and cartooning. Participants were also presented with the topics like the latest knowledge obtainable to the artists and how to make the most use of it. Mr. Sanjay also shares his Knowledge about 2D cartooning, Trick and techniques on creating digital storyboard. He also stated the Use of expression and character design in 2D.

The students were educated on the topics like art of creating story and cartooning and correcting the color in an image. Mr. Sanjay also enlightened about the current trends and job opportunity in the multimedia field. The session concluded with an interactive session where the students raised their queries about the profession. Overall, the session was enjoyed and appreciated by all the students. The session was followed by the vote of thanks addressed by Head of the Department Mr. Baljit Singh.