Faculty of Computational Science has organised the workshop on “Python Programming” dated 10th October 2019. The main focus of this workshop is to make students aware the applicability of the Python language; which is consider prominent in almost every field from IoT to Machine Learning. Python cover the entire span of the technologies. Faculty of Computational Science is always eager to take the leap to share the current trends and technology with the students. Faculty of Computational Science always encourage the student to excel in their interested filed.

In this workshop the students of MCA, BCA, B.Sc(IT) 5th semester attended the workshop on the Python Programming and the  use of python programming in emerging programming field. The speaker was Mr Aditya from Ducat Technologies, Noida. He put light on the resent trends in the technology like Machine learning is the hottest trend in modern times and Python is the primary programming language used for much of the research and development in machine learning. The interest in python for machine learning has spiked to an all new high with other ML languages such as R, Java, Scala, Julia etc lagging far behind.

The trainer introduced the students about the various applications of python programming along with Django concepts. Dr. Narendra Awasthi, Registrar, Dr. Monica Hanspal, Assistant Dean of System and Operations, Mr. Abhishek Sood ,CRD Team conveyed best wishes all the students for a very successful career at GNA University. The vice chancellor and pro vice chancellor have always been at the forefront of every activity at the university. Sincere thanks to them from FCS department.

Here is the Glimpse