GNA-IIC under the flagship of MHRD has organized an amazing session on “How to plan for start-ups and legal and ethical steps.” The resource person was Dr. Sanjiv Gupta who is Management Consultant and Trainee Mentor having vast experience in this field .

The main purpose behind this seminar was to encourage the student to start their own ventures and educate them as how they can convert their ideas into start-ups. It also aimed to spread the mind-set from being a job seeker to job creator.

Dr. Sanjiv Gupta explained the step-by-step procedure to run a successful Start-up in an apt and lucid manner. He also explained, what legal and ethical measures they must follow for giving wings to their business ideas

Mr. Gupta also shared insights about the Start-ups, innovation, invention and Re- engineering. He also shared many business strategies like Blue ocean strategy, Red ocean strategy etc. which gave a meaningful information to the students. The resource person also made the students aware about how they can procure funds for their venture. He talked about venture capitalist, Angel investors, Bank loans etc. He also described about the various Intellectual Property Rights, Patent, Trade mark, Copy rights etc. He inspired the students by saying “Don’t worry about the failure, you only have to be right only once”. Failure are important in life too as it teach us that what we shouldn’t do. Learning from other people’s mistake is also important and Dr. Gupta amazingly explained the reasons behinds those failures and how one can correct those mistakes.

At the end, the resource person also cleared the students queries and their doubts. The session was very informative and interesting. It was a fruitful & appreciable initiative by the GU-IIC and it aimed to continue to do the same in future too for the overall development of the students.