Do you remember Oswald The Lucky Rabbit? If so, it was one of the many earliest animated characters developed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928 and after that, there was a stream of new 2D characters. In our childhood we’ve seen cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Popeye – The sailor man and they have given us such great memories by connecting with us emotionally. If you want to become an animator and have VFX And Animation Career After 12th read till the end of this blog.

Traditional animation like 2D animation can be made by sand, clay model, computer or cut-out. There are many stages through which 2D animation goes like character development on board, layout and background, painting and inking, sound, editing and keyframes. 3D animation goes through similar stages but it required more refined and sophisticated animation and multimedia. Few of the high-end software like Maya, Houdini, Z-Brush, etc.

Powerful computer software such as Mocha, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya provides realistic graphics and visual effects (VFX) and with the introduction of 3d animation and VFX in movies and video games, the demand of professional in the field of animation and multimedia is at an all-time high.

Development and growth of Animation and VFX in India

Animation career after 12th

In the mid-90s, we saw the introduction of animation, multimedia and VFX with movies like chota chetan and it been on a constant rise since then but the prime for animation industry is yet to come.  The market statistics and forecast between 2017 and 2025 show a CAGR of 15.5% (USD 0.91 bn). This is driven primarily by growth rates of 31% and 9% in VFX and animation markets, respectively. VFX and Animation career after 12th has huge potential.

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A promising future for India’s animation, multimedia and VFX

multimedia and animation career

A degree in animation gives you an edge in the competitive market because apart from full-length movies, short films and advertising you also have opportunity to make a career in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) which is used in gaming. Education, aviation, medical sectors, automobile and industrial production are some other fields in which animation is used.

Ad-film making agencies working with brands such as 7up, Kellogg’s, Godrej, Pepsi, Goodnight, Surf Excel, Cadbury, etc. require animators and VFX artists. India’s leading studios that can help you carve a VFX and animation career after 12th path include –

  1. Escotoonz by Escort Group
  2. AIM Studios
  3. Crest Communications
  4. 2NZ Animation
  5. DreamTeen Animation
  6. Maya Entertainment
  7. Toonz Animation Studio
  8. Silvertoon Studio
  9. UTV Toonz
  10. Zee Institute of Creative Arts
  11. Pentamedia Graphics

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Multimedia, VFX And Animation Career After 12th in India

Animation film/movie goes through many stages as mentioned above as well and each stage has its own importance. The Career in animation is growing in India with rapid speed. In a production studio, you can choose any role:

  • Storyboarding Artist – They create a visual representation of the sequence/ film by drawing sketches frame-by-frame by hand or on a computer. This allows the filmmakers, advertisers, and producers to evaluate the project before the production starts.
  • Rigging Artist – A rigging artist is responsible for adding bones and skin to the animated character. He/she has to make sure that the whole character works as a unit and does not break while animating. The artist’s job is more towards adding details and precision to the graphics.
  • 3D Modellers – They create computer models of a particular object that is understandable, relatable, and viewable from all angles. 3D modellers are in high demand across industries, including video production studios, film studios, medical animation, product design films, and more.
  • Character Animators – They give character movements, facial expressions, and dialogues to tell an engaging story. Their job mainly includes breathing life into characters in films, tv shows, video games, etc. through software like Lightwave, Maya, Flash, and more.
  • Motion Graphics Artist – Using computer programs, motion graphics artists create animated 2D and 3D images. Artists use video and animation to give the impression of action through changing images.
  • Lighting Artist – They create the correct lights and shadows that make the scene look realistic and flawless.
  • Texture Artist – The job of texture artists is to apply texture, colour, environment and props, and three-dimensional effects to animated characters. They often need to have an eye for detail for creating artwork such as wrinkles, fur, hair, scales, etc.
  • Compositing Artist – The job of a compositing artist is to bring together all the elements from various teams and combine them for final output.
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VFX Career in India

VFX and animation go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the VFX career scope in India grows with animation. Some of the career choices in VFX are –

  • Pre-vis Artist – A pre-vis artist is responsible for visualizing complex scenes before the actual shooting. They usually use hand-drawn images or computer software. This helps the director get a clear view of the sequence before production starts.
  • Match-Moving Artist – They insert computer-generated graphics in live-action footage and match the movements in 3D to make them look seamless.
  • Compositor – A compositor is responsible for combining layers of related material, which include rendered computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation, and live-action.
  • Roto Artist – A roto artist traces areas of live-action frames where computer graphics overlap with live images and manually alter video or film one frame at a time.

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Salaries in Animation and VFX in India

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According to Glassdoor’s report updated in April 2020, the average salary* of an Animator is Rs. 37.5k p/m. Once you grow your career in animation and become more professional you can expect to earn more. The average salary* of a VFX artist is Rs. 25k p/m.

Once you get 4-5 years of industry experience, you can also take freelance projects in addition to the full-time job. With a freelance project, you can earn between INR 45k and 60k* per month based on your experience, quality of work, and reputation. Highly skilled animators and VFX artists also charge an hourly rate.


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