School of Engineering, Design and Automation, GNA University organized the ISTE Student Section Convention 2023holding a premier gathering of budding technocrats and innovators from across the region. This grand event showcased the immense talent and enthusiasm of students hailing from more than 40 prestigious universities and colleges in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir.

With participation from over 400 bright minds, the convention was a resounding success, promoting collaboration and technological innovation among the youth. The event spanned a series of intellectually stimulating activities, including technical presentations, project demonstrations, CAD-o-mania and code hunt.In addition to the technical competitions, the ISTE Student Section Convention 2023 recognized and celebrated the exceptional talents of students by presenting the prestigious “ISTE Best Student Awards – 2023.” These awards were bestowed upon outstanding individuals from various institutions who exhibited exemplary skills, dedication, and a passion for technology.

Dr. PartapSingh Kakasaheb Desai, President of ISTE, New Delhi, graced the occasion as the esteemed chief guest of the convention. His presence added immense value to the ISTE Student Section Convention 2023, and he shared his invaluable insights on the world of engineering and technology.

During his address, Dr. Desai emphasized the significance of knowledge sharing, innovation, and the pivotal role of start-ups in today’s dynamic technological landscape. He articulated the need for young technocrats to continually expand their horizons, explore new frontiers, and drive advancements in the field.Dr. Desai’s inspiring words resonated with the attendees, leaving a lasting impression on all those present

Dr. RP Singh, Chairman of Punjab ISTE, and Dr. SK Gandhi, Secretary of Punjab ISTE, were also present as guest of honorin the ISTE Student Section Convention 2023.Their presence added immense value to the event, signifying the support and encouragement of ISTE at both the national and regional levels. Dr. RP Singh and Dr. SK Gandhi are renowned figures in the field of education and technology, and their contributions have been instrumental in advancing the cause of engineering and technical education in Punjab.

 S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the esteemed Chancellor of GNA University extended a warm welcome to all attendees and delivered an inspiring address, setting the tone for the convention. He shared his insights on the significance of the event and its role in fostering technological advancements in the academic sphere.

Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor of GNA University, offered heartfelt appreciation to all the students, organizers, and coordinators who made the event an outstanding success.

The culmination of the ISTE Student Section Convention 2023 was marked by a moment of celebration and recognition as the winners from various events were felicitated for their outstanding achievements. The dignitaries including Dr. Desai, Dr. RP Singh, and Dr. SK Gandhi, joined in congratulating the talented participants.

This felicitation ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge and commend the exceptional skills and hard work of the winners. Dr. CR Tripathi, Dean, Design Division, Dr. Vikrant Sharma, Dean Engineering, Dr. Anurag Sharma, Coordinator, ISTE Section were also present on this occasion.