In a remarkable display of culinary prowess, the School of Hospitality at GNA University has achieved a monumental feat by successfully creating 3535 varieties of Kachori. This extraordinary record was accomplished through the collaborative efforts of 14 dedicated staff members and 120 enthusiastic students from the School of Hospitality.

The ambitious endeavour involved the use of 114 different ingredients and seven types of flour, showcasing the diversity and creativity of the culinary team at GNA University. The eventwitnessed a display of culinary excellence as the team worked to craft an extensive array of Kachori varieties.

The notable guests who graced the occasion were S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Chancellor, GNA University; Ms. JasleenSihra, renowned Nutritionist. The event was further enriched by the presence of esteemed guests, including Sh. Rajeev Joshi, Deputy District Education Officer (SE), Jalandhar; Ms. SatinderdeepKaurDhillon, Principal, Govt. Girls Senior Secondary Smart School, Mahilpur; Mrs. Subha Sharma from The Chocolate Room, Jalandhar; JCI PPP JyotiSahdev, Glitz Jewels, Phagwara, and all deans and heads of departments of the University.

A special mention goes out to the approximately 3000 students of the University, who actively participated in the event, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere and making it a grand success.

The Kachoris, a testament to the culinary skills of the School of Hospitality, were not only a visual delight but also a gastronomic experience for everyone present. The students and staff of the University had the pleasure of indulging in the diverse flavours created by the talented team.

GNA University continues to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence, and this record-breaking event is a shining example of the institution’s commitment to fostering creativity and skill development among its students.

The event was also graced by Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor of GNA University; Dr. Hemant Sharma, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics; Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dean of the School of Hospitality, GNA University.