The highly anticipated GNA Hackathon 2.0, organized by the GNA University-Technology Business Incubator (GU-TBI), commenced with fervor and anticipation. Drawing in approximately 300 students from universities and colleges across North India, the event showcased a vibrant amalgamation of talent and innovation. Participants eagerly enrolled in three distinct themes: Design Competition, Cyber Spark, and Technology, reflecting a diverse spectrum of interests and skills among the attendees.

Amidst compelling speeches, enlightening presentations, and the launch of Hackathon activities, participants embarked on a journey of creativity and problem-solving, poised to make significant contributions in their respective fields. As the event unfolded, it became evident that Hackathon 2.0 transcended mere competition, evolving into a platform for budding entrepreneurs and technologists to thrive and catalyze change in the realms of technology and business.

Distinguished guests gracing the occasion included Dr. Deepak Kumar, Senior Cyber Intelligence and Digital Forensic Expert, India, along with esteemed members of the judging panel: Mr. Rajesh Yadav, Inside Account Engagement Specialist, Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rupinder Singh, Managing Director, Rriza Engineering Solutions & Autodesk Learning Partner (ALP), Dr. RohitGautam, Founder of Hacktify Cyber Security, Mumbai, Dr. ShifaCyclewala, also Founder of Hacktify Cyber Security, Mumbai, Mr. Rahul Grover, Software Developer at Google, London, UK, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bhatoa, Security Architect at Ubique System, Chandigarh, and Mr. KartavyaArora, Software Developer at, Mumbai.

The event boasted generous prizes, with ₹21,000 awarded for the first prize, Rs. 11,000 for the second, ₹ 5,100 for the third, and ₹2,100 for consolation, courtesy of GNA University. Additionally, Amazon vouchers worth ₹ 20,000, 15,000, 10,000, and 5,000 were generously provided by our sponsors, Autodesk. Special recognition was also accorded to the fifth position winners.Top three position holders were granted internship offers and bundled certificate courses, accompanied by Hactify Goodies, courtesy of our sponsors, HactifyCybersecurity, Mumbai.

The whole event was well-organised by the entire team GU-TBI under the guidance of TBI Head Ms.AnuArora.

The Chancellor, S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra congratulated the winners and inspired all the participants to take part in such activities to gain more experience and enhance their knowledge.

Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics, GNA university appreciated the hard endeavours of the entire GU-TBI team in organising the event of great repute.