GU-IIC under the flagship of GNA University organized one day workshop on 30th May 2023 on “Emerging Technologies in Reverse Engineering & Prototyping” at Police DAV public school Jalandhar Cantt. Keynote speaker of the event was Er. Neeraj Kumar Mahay – Asstt Technical Manager & Mr. Diamond – Sr. Lecturer, School of Engineering Design & Automation- Design Division. The objective of the activity was the exposure of new technologies used by modern industries like Computer Aided Design, Reverse Engineering & 3D Printing techniques. The students were imparted with the live 3D modeling product design of creative kitchen appliance- bowl, using Creo 6.0 CAD- (A Product of Parametric Technologies Corporation USA), calculation of weight, assigning colors, assigning textures & final rendering of the product before manufacturing.

Furthermore, taking 3D CAD model for 3D printing using demo printer available in ATL lab of police DAV Public School Jalandhar, the same designed model was converted to compatible format and live printing of the designed product (Bowl) was complete with in 45 minutes using PLA material.