Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Automation at GNA University organised 3-days Boot Camp on DevOps for Computer Science and Engineering students and faculty. The sole objective of the boot camp was to develop focus on the practical learning and career opportunities in the field of the DevOps. Mr. Shubham Londhe, Sr. Software Engineer from Vamstar, Pune was the keynote speaker. 

Dr. Vikrant Sharma, Dean-FEDA welcomed all the participants and expert of the camp. The main content covered in the boot camp were Linux Administration, Git & GitHub, Docker commands, YAML, SonarQube, Jenkins, Integration of GitHub with Jenkins and CICD Project. More than 70 students participated in this camp. The students were provided the hands-on practice to create-built-test and deploy on Devops. The students also learnt the process to automate the integration and deployment process using tools like Github, Docker and Jenkins. At the end, there was also a CI-CD project submission competition using all the technologies they have learnt during this boot camp. This camp was beneficial for all the cloud computing students as well as faculty members as it enhanced their knowledge on working with DevOps.

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor, GNA University congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the course and also to the organizers of the event. He briefed about this event as the beginning for providing solutions to make a better future and appreciated the students that they should take pride in being a part of this camp and wished all the participants a great success.

Dr.VK Rattan, the Vice–Chancellor appreciated all the participants and encouraged them to participate in such events of great demand. Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics interacted with participants and highlighted the significance of DevOps and added; “These technologies and hands-on practices will make the GUites industry ready.”

Dr. Hemant Sharma, Pro Vice Chancellor thanked the management for providing the platform of learning for the students and staff. He also thanked the Members of Data Pirates Club and Dr Anurag Sharma, Professor and Head CSE for organizing such a great event and ensured all participants that such events will be planned in future also to promote development and industry activities.