Best Placement in college GNA

Faculty of Natural Sciences organized an online guest Lecture of Physics- Optics entitled “Advancement And Applications In Laser Physics” designed for the students of B.Sc. (Honours)- Mathematics (2nd semester), B.Tech.- RAE/MAE (2nd semester) & Diploma- CAD/ CAM on 31st May 2021 at 10:00 am using online platform Blackboard.

The Guest Lecturer was delivered by Dr. D.S. Ahlawat, Associate Professor, Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa. Dr. D.S. Ahlawat has excellence knowledge in field of Optics and Laser Physics and he has written books “Basic Concepts of LASER PHYSICS” and “Basics of Nanomaterials Research” helpful to understand the concept of nanomaterials and laser for the technical and research oriented areas. Dr. D.S. Ahlawat explained the role of lasers in modern technology and their mechanism.

Dr. D.S. Ahlawat also explained the construction and working of different types of lasers along with optical tweezers, fiber optics, semiconductors. A brief view of applications of lasers in medical science, communication, industry and in science and technology was very well explained. Dr. D.S. Ahlawat stated his views about advancement of Laser that it is important to realise that Lasers have become so ubiquitous in today’s world that it’s hard to imagine that the first one was built less than 60 years ago. While the science of light itself has not changed, laser technology has advanced rapidly and today we have a myriad of laser types that wouldn’t have been thought possible 60 years ago. Modern era is the era of science and technology.

Communication is a very important in fact direly fundamental aspect for growth in all fields. Nothing in the world gives us more power and confidence than having information. The ability to communicate information is essential to achieve the successful advancement of humankind. Transmission of information is imperative to the expansion of our horizons.

Fiber optic cable was developed because of the incredible increase in the quantity of data over the past 20 years. Without fiber optic cable, the modern Internet and World Wide Web would not be possible.

While summing up the lecture, students were asked for their doubts and queries. Dr. D.S. Ahlawat shared his email id and contact number to students for any kind of subject related doubt. Students also participated actively that show their interest in the event. An active and healthy participation made this event a success. In this lecture about 50 participants were there.

The lecture lasts for more than one and a half hour in which students learned and gained a lot from the session also enhanced their knowledge and a clear vision about optics and laser which is an import topic of their syllabus also. So this lecture is going to prove very helpful to the students in understanding their subject matter.