Best Placement in college GNA

Faculty of  Natural Sciences organized an online guest Lecture of Mathematics on the topic “Applications of Probability Distributions” for the students of B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics 2nd sem & B.Tech. CSE/ CC/IOT 2nd semester on 28th May 2021 at 9:30 am using online platform Blackboard.

The Guest Lecturer was delivered by Dr. C.P. Gandhi, Professor & Head of Department, University School of Sciences, Rayat Bahra University, Chandigarh. Dr. C.P. Gandhi has written a multiple number of books on Engineering Mathematics – I, II , III , Discrete structure and many more for the students of B.Tech , B.Sc. & M.Sc. In the lecture, Dr. C.P. Gandhi explained the concept from the basics of probability. He explained about Random variables, their role in probability calculation. He also explained about different types of samples, mean, median, mode.

The calculation of variance & standard deviation using different formulae as per given data in the problems. He explained different types of distributions – Binomial distribution, Normal Distribution, Poisson Distribution in detail. He explained their role in research field as well as in different data calculation. He explained the concept with many practical examples as well as he assigned different mathematical problems to the students so that by hands on practice on different types of problems, they can learn more. He explained the problems of defective products and data analysis. He explained about the symmetric & non symmetric normal probability curve, its reasons, and the basic concept about the normal curves, how variance, standard deviation can be calculated for different type of data. He explained all the properties of binomial distribution, normal distribution, and Poisson distribution.  

He also explained how students can identify that which distribution will be applicable on different types of problems given. Then he also explained about the reading and evaluating the table of Normal distribution. As these distributions have a very vast scope in the higher education as well as in the data calculation of different types of data. He told about the importance of these in different data statistics and their demand in the industry to gather data from the survey and solve it using different distribution for their business and study.

At the end, there was a discussion session in which students asked their doubts and queries from the resource person. Dr. C.P. Gandhi share his contact number with the students so that if they feel any doubt or difficulty in the topic in future, they feel free to contact him at any time. In this lecture more than 63 participants were there. The lecture lasts for more than one and a half hour in which students learned a lot from the sessions and increase their knowledge of the concept which will help them in their studies.