Faculty of Computational Science takes immense pleasure to organise the guest lecture “TECHNOLOGY, CAREER AND YOU” dated August 2, 2019. The main focus of this guest lecture is to impart self confidence among the students.

Faculty of Computational Science is always eager to take the leap to share the current trends and technology with the students. Faculty of Computational Science always encourage the student to excel in their interested filed. The students attended it with full zeal and with the objective of learning the fundamentals of time management and the skills; Industries are clamouring for.

Speaking about the occasion, Ms. Anuradha Chawla, Founder of BBETTER, addresses the audience with the quote “You may remember or forget a thousand of different ways to reach a destination, but there shouldn’t be any way you forget what your destination is”, after the motivation session the students were also introduced to some of the basic terms of IT. Dr. Narendra Awasthi, Registrar, Dr. Monica Hanspal, Assistant Dean of System and Operations, Mr. Abhishek Sood ,CRD Team in their respective inspiring set of speeches,  and gave warm welcome. The vice chancellor and pro vice chancellor have always been at the forefront of every activity at the university. Sincere thanks to them from FCS department.

Here is the Glimpse