School of Hospitality at GNA University hosted an enriching Wine Tasting Session, offering students and connoisseurs a delightful immersion into the world of wines. The expert of the event was Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Manager – Tastings and Marketing from Sula Vineyards.

The session aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the art and science behind wine tasting, offering participants a chance to explore the nuances of Sula’s exquisite selections. Mr. Mukesh Kumar, with his extensive expertise, guided attendees through the sensory journey of appreciating different varieties, discussing tasting notes, and sharing insights into the winemaking process. The session allowed the students to gain firsthand knowledge and enriched their understanding of the hospitality industry.

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor commented, “I am too delighted to witness the hard endeavours of the School of Hospitality in organising events of practical exposure for the holistic growth of the students.”

Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor at GNA University, expressed, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Sula Vineyards for this unique educational initiative. Exposing our students to such experiences not only enhances their academic learning but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the finer aspects of the hospitality industry.”

This collaborative effort between GNA University and Sula Vineyards reflects a shared vision of nurturing talent and promoting a culture of learning within the hospitality sector.