School of Natural Science under the aegis of GNA University organized one week National Science Day supported by DPSCST, NCSTC, DST & GU -IIC, under the theme “Indegineous Technology for ViksitBharat. The objective behind celebrating the National Science Week wasto mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on 28 February 1928.

The Science day celebration has been started with the first event “FITFEST-Comit to be fit in science” followed by the awareness session by  Dr. KuljitKaur, Associate Professor, Chemistry, GNA University. A Guest Lecture on “GOING ZERO WASTE”  was delivered on the third day of schedule of Science day 2024 celebration by Ms.MeenalVerma, an Environmentalist and Sociologist, Jalandhar.

Students participated in various events viz. working and non – working models, Rangoli competition, Poster Presentation, and Debate competition etc, which enhanced their scientific skills. More than 200 students from the University participated in all the events, expressed their ideas and exchanged the knowledge of importance of science for global wellbeing.

The celebration promoted the current need of scientific temperament for the real time solution of challenges starting from local to that of global level in every aspect.

 Under each section, the students grabbed the following positions:

  1. Poster Presentation:

1st position:  DiyaMahey

  1. Working Model/ Non – working Model:

1st position: GurwinderKaur, NavjotKaur

  1. Rangoli Competition:

1st position: Nishika, Sandhya

IV.Debate Competition

1st position: Simran, Sonal

Dr. YogeshBhalla, Head of School of Natural Sciences thanked every participant of the University for being a part of the one week event.

 Dr. VK Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor, GNA University during his congratulatory note to the students blessed them about their creative work done on models and posters which can create interest and motivate other students to participate in such events.

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Chancellor GNA University appericiated the efforts of the faculty in holding up the event at large scale and seeking the attention of aalrge number of participants.