GNA University hosted ‘The Live Stand-Up Comedy Show’ at its campus. Mr. PritishNarula, the renowned standup comedian captivated the audience with his impeccable sense of humour. The event was organized by the Marketing Club of GNA Business School. The main objective behind the show was to foster students’ marketing and management skills while providing a much-needed break from academic fervor. Through the collaborative endeavours of the MBA students and the guidance of Dr.Ramandeep Singh, HOD & Dr.ManpreetKaur, the event surpassed all the expectations.

Major sponsorship for the event was generously provided by ‘The Club House’ of Gilco Green, with additional support from SagooAluminium and Design Hut, highlighting the strong community ties and support for educational initiatives.

PritishNarula’s side-splitting performance brought waves of laughter and joy, offering attendees a chance to unwind and recharge amidst their busy schedules.

Dr. Sameer Varma, Dean GNA Business School ensured flawless execution, contributing to the overall success of the evening. He even congratulated the entire School for this event brimming with inevitable fun.

The event received commendation from S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Chancellor. He recognized the dedication and commitment of the Marketing Club in creating memorable experiences for the students and the faculty.