GNA University in association with the Stratasys & DesignTech took a grave initiative to develop and test 3D printable Face Shields. When the entire world is at war with the coronavirus COVID 19, Faculty of Engineering Design & Automation -Design Department is there to assist the medical community in the fight against COVID-19. GNA University is leveraging 3D printing technology to make face shields for the doctors, medical professionals and all other staff to reduce the shortage of such equipment in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. This joint activity by Stratasys world leader in 3D printing and their business partner DesignTech Systems will really help our fighters to win the battle against Covid 19.

GNA University is taking a two-phase approach of Design and Development and has developed a reusable face shield in the Stratasys 3D printer consisting of a 3D print frame, a face shield cut, a piece of form and an off-the-shelf elastic band. This shield can be removed and replaced within seconds.  

Mr. C.R.Tripathy, Dean Faculty of Engineering Design & Automation said, “We develop Face Shield in our 3D Printer Lab and our team is whole-heartedly working on an injection mould that will mass-produce these face shields and keep up with the soaring demand.”

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, CEO GNA Gears & Pro-Chancellor, GNA University expressed, “Transmission of the Covid-19 does not only transpire through nose and mouth, but also through droplets that enter our eyes. The designed shield can break that from happening and can decrease the droplets from dropping on the masks. Not only did we develop this face shield in 3D printer machine, but also developed many other valuable projects in this machine being used worldwide.”

He also said, “This Face Shied can be successfully used by Doctors, Healthcare Workers and Medical professionals while treating COVID 19 positive patients. This can be also used by the Security persons, Housekeeping staffs, Defence persons, drivers of the ambulance and office staffs who are in direct communion with the people to save them against the COVID19.”

S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra also commented, “GNA University is duly focused in providing Rapid Prototyping technology (Stratasys 3D Printer) at the earlier stage to the students in their educational journey.”

Dr. V.K. Rattan, Vice Chancellor- GNA University, Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean Academics and Dr. Sameer Varma congratulated the Team for their efforts in the field of research and development during the on-going Lockdown.

Dr. V.K. Rattan, Vice Chancellor- GNA University said, “GNA University is always making persistent efforts towards providing latest technologies to the budding engineers which will help them in achieving their desired goals.”