Faculty of Animation and Multimedia of GNA University organised a Skilful Guest Lecture on Careers in Radio and in Entertainment Industry conducted by renowned Radio Jockey, RJ Mehak, MY FM, 94.3 FM on 2nd April 2021. Due to the pandemic, the Webinar was organised on virtual platform and was focussed by around 60 participants.

Best Placement in college GNA University

Ms.Mehak started her distinguished lecture with a main query on how a Radio Jockey should work and what role radio as a medium play in the people. Mehak also discussed some important points like difference between print media and visual media, how to prepare a radio program script‟ and „how to maintain your spectator’s interest. ‟

She also spoke about how to keep the curiosity of viewers alive in your show and make it more appropriate for them personally. She highlighted that performance must aim at understanding glitches around us and finding possible solutions while having one-to-one chat with your listeners.

RJ Mehak shared his personal experiences and the perks of working as RJ. she driven students to set specific goals and urged them to work hard in order to accomplish them. 

The session concluded with an interactive session where the students raised their queries about the profession. Overall, the session was enjoyed and appreciated by all the students. The session was followed by the vote of thanks addressed by Head of the Department Mr Baljit Singh.