Guide to choose best engineering branch

GNA University organized a webinar on “Aero industrial exposure and career opportunities” for the students of Engineering, Design, and Automation. Mr. Rakesh Shete, Aero Career Coach, Project Manager, Edall System, Bengaluru, presided over the webinar. The main objective behind this webinar was to bring awareness among the Engineering, Design, and Automation aspirants to seek for career opportunities in Aero industry.

In this webinar, the keynote speaker discussed the significant aerospace engineering fields like Aero-structures, Aircraft Maintenance, Propulsion, and Avionics by throwing light on their key concepts that students could acquire to get future jobs. He also demonstrated A320 Construction to provide an authentic experience to students. Subsequently, there was an exciting discussion on the role of various Industrial materials exclusive to the Aerospace Industry. Mr. Shete even came up with a UAV/Drone future layout for all job opportunities accessible for an Aerospace Engineer.

In the end, Mr. Shete described SWOT analysis, EQ/IQ tests, psychometric and personality tests that one should start practicing for their Interviews. Frequently asked Interview questions were also discussed & explained by Mr. Shete. At last, the students cleared their doubts/inquiries by asking questions from the Guest Speaker.

  1. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, the Pro-Chancellor, GNA University expressed, “These technical webinars enhance students’ knowledge and seek exposure from industry experts.”

 Dr.V.K Rattan, the Vice-Chancellor, GNA University said, “There are a plethora of opportunities in Aerospace engineering, and UAV is the future of the world and I thanks the Speaker for throwing light upon it.”

 Dr. Vikrant Sharma, Dean, Engineering said, “GNA University provides the best quality education in Aerospace Engineering with outstanding practical knowledge and career opportunities.”