Mr. Amrit Sagar Mittal, spearheading the internationally established group of tractors, Sonalika Ltd and the Vice-Chairman of Punjab State Planning Board was bestowed with degree of Doctor of Literature- the Honoris Causa for his exemplary contribution in the area of Business, Education and Humanity.

Mr. Mittal is a self-made industrialist, a prominent entrepreneur and started his career in 1980 from farm equipments. Mr. Mittal with a vision of green revolution in the country and contributed enormously in the development of agriculture industry in the country. 

Mr. Mittal is Vice Chairman of International Tractors Limited, a renowned company across the world and among one of the top Tractor Companies in India. Mr. Mittal is a prominent industrialist and contributing to the industrialization in the state, providing employment to thousands and uplifting the economic status of thousands of families in Punjab.

He believes in civilized & educated society for the advancement of country in all spheres, thus contributing huge towards the education of under privileged & socially backward children of Punjab.

For his remarkable contribution to the state of Punjab and uplifting the underprivileged sections of society, he has been awarded with highest laureate in academics.