We procrastinate because we believe that the project or task is too big to finish. But when you break that huge task into 25-minute segments, it becomes easily achievable.

Today we will talk about the Pomodoro method and believe us that the Pomodoro method has the power to change your life.

It is the ultimate time management technique for university students that can help them in achieving any goal and task. Let’s talk about a student’s typical cycle of studying; it usually starts with determination; you would come home, sit down at your desk and do a couple of assignment then you would easily get distracted. The only problem is that productiveness only lasted for few minutes to an hour. You would usually spend a couple of hours on your phone and then snap back into determination but find yourself getting burned out and not able to achieve your goal or complete your task at hand.

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The Pomodoro method can help you in studying better and teach you how you can manage your time properly. GNA University always helps and encourages students to manage their time so they can achieve more. In our earlier blog, we talked about, “Key Factors to help you getting good grades?” but today, we will tell you the Pomodoro method that will help you manage your time efficiently and If you are pursuing any branch of engineering for e.g. electronics and communication engineering, this method will definitely increase your productivity.

electronics and communication engineering pomodoro technique

So, what exactly is the Pomodoro method?

Francesco Cirillo developed the Pomodoro technique in 1980’s. Pomodoro is an Italian word for tomato. Cirillo used the kitchen timer shape like a tomato as his personal timer when he was a university student and that’s why the methods name is “The Pomodoro method.”

The technique can help you power through distractions and get things done while taking frequent breaks. If you are pursuing electronics and communication engineering or any other subject, you should try out this method.

Best of all, it’s probably one of the simplest productivity methods to implement.

To start, all you need is a timer. Here are 4 steps on how to get started Pomodoro:

4 steps to pomodoro technique gna university
  • Number one.

    • Choose a task to be accomplished.
  • Number two.

    • Set the timer to 25 minutes and work until the timer rings.
  • Number three.

    • Take a five-minute break and restart the task.
  • Number four.

    • Take a longer break every four Pomodoro sessions.

Simple right! Let’s break it down a bit further.

Take, for instance, you are running behind on your syllabus and you want to study a chapter in electronics and communication engineering or any other subject. You estimate that it will take you four hours of work, give or take. 

Instead of thinking about the electronics and communication engineering chapter as four hours of work. You’re going to think about it in terms of 25-minute increments or Pomodoro’s. So this chapter would, in theory, take you eight Pomodoro’s. And this way you can break down your entire syllabus.

The Next Step is to work for those 25 minutes with absolutely no distractions or you have to restart the Pomodoro. But after that hyper-focused work, you get to reward yourself with a five-minute break, which serves to recharge and refresh you in preparation for the next Pomodoro. Four cycles of this pattern of 25+5 minutes and then you get to take a long break 15 to 30 minutes.

Things to consider before beginning.

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Few things you need to take in consideration. Make sure it’s just one task at one time, so first do a complete analysis of your syllabus. If you want to study, don’t check your phone or browse Facebook at the same time, you don’t want to decrease your productivity by working on five things at once. 

In coming blogs, we’ll discuss How multitasking is ineffective. As GNA University is an innovation center with prime focus on academic excellence. Our goal is to make students job ready for the future by providing quality education.

Do what you can to minimize interruptions and ensure that everything you don’t need is put away before you begin. Shut your door, turn off the phone, close all unnecessary websites, and prepare everything you need for the task at hand as it will mess with your focus if you run around looking for things that you might need, like a cooking chef, get all your ingredients ready. 

Another thing you would want to have at hand is a note pad and a pen. When you’re working, your mind might wander off a bit. It’s not uncommon to suddenly remember that you need to take out the trash, call your friend before lunch, etc. 

Don’t allow yourself to become distracted if ideas or thoughts about other things pop into your head, write them down on your notepad and set them aside for later. 

Focus on your set task. Another thing we like to mention.

Experiment with your schedule.

pomodoro timer app gna university

You don’t actually need to go out and buy a special tomato-shaped kitchen timer. The countdown app built into your smartphone will do just fine. 

When setting a time, It doesn’t have to be precisely 25 minutes, either. The creator of the technique used it for 25, but for you, it might be more productive if you said the timer for 20 or maybe 30 minutes. 

We highly recommend you experiment with session links and find what works best for you. After all, the technique is not set in stone and should be customized to your length of focus before you need a break. 

For students, the Pomodoro technique is just a way of breaking that mental resistance we often have before starting something. That’s why you use it to get the wheel rowing.

Why Pomorodo method?


The goal of the Pomodoro technique is to help it to get into the zone and focus, but it’s also to remind you to come up for air.

It can also help you find your sweet spot, since tracking your completed Pomodoro can help you understand how you’re spending your time.

You can pinpoint the times during the day when you are most likely to focus properly and times when you struggled to get things done, that way you can adjust the way you work.

All right now as we have covered everything regarding the Pomorodo technique, we highly suggest you to try out the Pomodoro technique yourself. It is a go-to strategy when you need to get something done. When you are a student learning electronics and communication engineering it is necessary to manage your time properly.

The Pomodoro is a fluid system designed to help you produce higher quality work in a shorter amount of time. But whatever method, we encourage you to think about your time differently, to set goals for yourself and strive to meet them, to set aside the constant distractions and focus on your task at hand. We hope it works for you as much as it works for top students and helps you become better than yesterday. You never know how much time you really have until you start to use it.electronics and communication engineering

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